Upcoming Programmes and Events in 2023

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CCA’s Women’s Leadership Development Training in Laos
16–19 January | Vientiane, Laos

Regional Interfaith Conference: ‘Towards Strengthening Interfaith Action Networks for Combating HIV and AIDS in Asia’
23–25 January | Bangkok, Thailand

Theological Consultation on CCA General Assembly ‘God, Renew Us in Your Spirit and Restore the Creation’
6–7 February | Kochi, Kerala

Assembly Preparation: Worship and Liturgy Development
9–12 February | Kottayam, Kerala

Executive Committee Meeting
4–6 March | Dhaka, Bangladesh

Consultation on Prevention of HIV for youth, women and vulnerable communities (ATCHAA)
6–8 March | Dhaka, Bangladesh

Facilitation on HIV and AIDS and Youth Leadership Programme
30–31 March | Phnom Penh, Cambodia

National Capacity Building Training on HIV (ATCHAA)
24–26 April | Dili, Timor Leste

Asian Church and Ecumenical Leaders' Conference (ACELC)
The changing ecclesial landscape and our ecumenical accompaniment in Asia:
God, Renew Us in Your Spirit and Restore the Creation

1–5 May | Jakarta, Indonesia

Asia Sunday–2023
17 Sep

Asian Ecumenical Institute (AEI)–2023
18 September–5 October | Kottayam, India

Pre-Assemblies: Youth, Women, and ATCHAA
25–28 September | Kottayam, India

CCA 15th General Assembly
27 September–4 October | Kottayam, India

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