Upcoming Programmes and Events

Asian Interfaith Consultation on Strengthening HIV and AIDS Advocacy (ATCHAA)
January 27-31
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Theological Consultation on CCA Assembly Theme
February 4-5
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Assembly Worship Committee Meeting
February 6-7
Chiang Mai, Thailand

National Skill Building Workshop for HIV Facilitators (ATCHAA)
February 20-23
Jayapura, West Papua

Consultation on Contextual Theology and Sustainability of Creation
February 24-26
Tahan-Kalay, Myanmar

Facilitating Ecumenical Learning (ATCHAA)
February 24 – March 1
Philippines and West Papua

Workshop on Youth Ambassador to fight against HIV and AIDS (ATCHAA)  
February 27-29
Jayapura, West Papua

National Consultation on  Ecumenical Women’s Action against Violence (EWAAV)        
East Timor

Asian Ecumenical Communication Workshop
March 2-5
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Regional Workshop on Good Governance
March 10-13
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Follow-up Consultation on Human Sexuality & Reproductive Health (ATCHAA)
March 25-28
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Emerging Trends in Religious Freedom and Minorities in Asia
April 20-23
Bangkok, Thailand

National Consultation on Evangelism and Missional Witness in Multi-religious Myanmar
April 27-29
Yangon, Myanmar

Regional Skill Building training of HIV Facilitators in Asia (ATCHAA)
April 27-30
Bangkok, Thailand

International AIDS Candlelight Memorial Day
May 17
All in Asia

Asia Sunday 2020
May 24
All in Asia

Consultation on Artificial Intelligence and Post Humanism: Theological and Ethical Challenges from Christian Perspective
June 1-3

Programme Committee Meeting
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Executive Committee Meeting
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Asian Ecumenical Institute (AEI)
August 17- September 10
Kerala, India

Pre-Assembly Youth Forum   
September 1-3
Kerala, India

Pre-Assembly Workshop on Health and Healing in the context of HIV and AIDS       
September 1-3
Kerala, India

Pre-Assembly Women’s Forum
September 2
Kerala, India

CCA General Assembly
September 3-8
Kerala, India

National Youth Motivation Programme
Dhaka, Bangladesh



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