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Where Might is NOT Always Right

12 March 2013

It is extremely painful to comfort people in distress specially in moments like these when their hearts are filled with sorrow and their minds are filled with the memories of pathetic scenes of destruction and desolation. Nevertheless, our thoughts and prayers are with the residents of the affected area in Joseph Colony, Badami Bagh, Lahore.Peace-in-Pakistan

The news of torching homes and targeting the Christian Community in this area came to us as a great shock. While atrocities on religious and ethnic ‘minorities’ are becoming common nowadays , we as churches and people who struggle to spread the message of peace, are seriously challenged to find ways of loving our neighbour as well as maintaining harmony and unity within the diversities of our communities. We are also challenged to express our solidarity with the victims who suffer, and to raise our unified voice for justice and peace.

In a pastoral letter to the brothers and sisters of the churches in Pakistan, General Secretary, Dr. Hentiette Hutabarat Lebang wrote:

“We are shocked to hear about the torching of more than a hundred homes in a Christian enclave of the Pakistani city of Lahore. We deeply share the pain and agony of the families affected by this tragic incident and the fears caused to many people especially the ‘minority’ communities. May God comfort the families who have lost their homes, especially the Christians who suffered because of the faith that they stand for and hold dearly in their hearts. We pray that the spirit of God will continue to strengthen the churches in Pakistan in witnessing the love of Christ which is beyond human understanding and which reaches out beyond humanly-created walls and borders.  

We join Christian communities, leaders and human rights activists around the world in voicing our strong concern against the continuing abuse and exploitation of the Blasphemy Law to oppress any religious minority. We believe that the situation is more alarming when people take law into their own hands and make it difficult for vulnerable communities to live a normal life in their own countries. Christians protest in Lahore...epa01813077 Pakistani Christians minority, shout slogans during a protest in Lahore Pakistan, against the burning of Chrisitans houses by a mob in Gojra, on 01 August 2009. A mob burnt some 50 houses of Christians minority in Gojra on July 31 over the alleged desecration of the holy Koran.  EPA/RAHAT DAR


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