Constitution of Nepal

30 August 2011

Dr. Kali Bahadur Rokaya
General Secretary
National Council of Churches of Nepal
PO Box 4875
Kathmandu, NEPAL

Dear Dr. Rokaya:

This message comes with our greetings and felicitations from the Christian Conference of Asia to you as one of its Presidents.

You have called our attention that the last day for the drafting of the Constitution of Nepal, the repository of laws of governance and the rights of the people of Nepal is tomorrow, 31st August 2011.

The Christian Conference of Asia, its General Committee, member Churches and Councils join me in offering our prayers that God will guide those who were entrusted by the state to work on a Nepalese Constitution which enshrines the rights and obligations of the people of Nepal in their exercise of good citizenship.

We are aware of the long years of struggle by the Nepalese people in their journey towards a more participatory and democratic society. These struggles can only find peaceful resolution in the hands of your people and in their resolve to seek justice, peace, good governance, and human dignity.

We also offer our congratulations to your new Prime Minister elect, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, as he assumes leadership in these difficult and challenging times.

With God’s sovereign blessings and with the prayers of churches in Asia, we trust that Nepal will endure and overcome the challenges before you today.

Yours in faith and solidarity,
General Secretary
CCA General Committee and Presidium
CCA Member Churches and Councils
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