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Symposium on Ecumenism in the 21st Century organized by the Hong Kong Christian Council, 15-17th January, Hong Kong

Posted on 30 April 2004

  The Youth Secretary attended the above mentioned symposium along with other colleagues from CCA. The symposium featured prominent speakers, including Dr. Konrad Raiser, former GS of WCC, Dr. Philip Wickeri of SFTS, Dr. C. S. Song of GTU, and Dr. Ahn Jae Woong, GS, CCA, among many other distinguished panelists. It was a time […]



25th General Assembly of the National Council of Churches in India, 7th-13th February, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India

Posted on 30 April 2004

  The CCA Youth Secretary attended the 25th General Assembly of the NCC India as a Fraternal Delegate representing CCA. A brief greetings was presented to the Assembly on behalf of CCA. Among other agenda, the Assembly discussed: 1. The life and ministry of the NCCI is the previous years since the last Assembly in […]



Strategic Workshop & Seminar on Ecumenism of the Youth Committee of the Bangladesh National Council of Churches

Posted on 30 April 2004

4th-9th March, Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh: Representatives from NCCB Youth met March 5th through 8th 2004, at Coxs Bazaar Bangladesh to attend a workshop outlining future plans and implementation. The meeting included the presence of Mr. Subodh Adhikari, General Secretary of NCCB, who spent his time with the youth and joined their strategic deliberations. His contribution […]



Younger Theologians from the South Claim their Ecumenical Space

Posted on 24 April 2004

In a consultation on interrogating and redefining power, younger theologians from the South claimed their ecumenical space, which they named AAPACALA. The acronym stands for Afro-Asia-Pacific-Caribbean-Latin America, where the 29 younger theologians came from, but has a deeper meaning, gleaning from its closeness in sound to the Indonesian word, ‘apakala’, meaning “what time is...



CCA-UN/ESCAP hold joint consultation

Posted on 23 April 2004

The Christian Conference of Asia and the UN/ESCAP convened a consultation on Life Skills Development and Planning for Health Promotion on 29 – 31March at the United Nations Conference Center in Bangkok. Attended by some 16 representatives from national counterpart organizations or NCOs in four target countries, the Consultation drew the direct involvement of stakeholders […]



Charges for HIV tests to be scrapped

Posted on 15 April 2004

SCMP – Thursday, April 15, 2004 JOSEPHINE MA in Beijing Charges will be dropped for HIV tests on the mainland in an attempt to identify more carriers of the virus, China Central Television reported yesterday. The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance announced that the tests must now be offered free of charge, […]



One in six people lack safe drinking water

Posted on 31 March 2004

One in six people lack safe drinking water, UN summit told Environment ministers from around the globe focused yesterday on improving the world’s water resources and sanitation as they gathered for the second day of a United Nations summit. About one in six people lack access to safe drinking water, while 2.4 billion lacked access […]




Posted on 23 March 2004

International consultation of churches on the role of the churches in the process towards a peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula Recalling that Paul in his first epistle to the Corinthians appeals to Christians that they should agree with one another so that there may be no division and that they should perfectly be united […]



U.S. Announces Grants in AIDS Program

Posted on 26 February 2004

Pretoria:The United States launched President George W. Bush’s global AIDS program by awarding multimillion-dollar grants to four U.S. – based institutions to treat those suffering from the deadly virus in three African nations. One of the grants, a $107-million donation to Harvard’s School of Public Health, is the largest received by the school, easily surpassing […]



North East Asia Peace Consultation [NEAPC], 23rd to 29th November, Seoul, South Korea

Posted on 4 February 2004

For promoting peace, the NEAPC gathered under the theme To be a PeaceMaker: Overcoming Violence at the Ill-Young Methodist Research and Training Center, Seoul, South Korea from 23rd-29th November 2003. The Consultation was organized by Christian Conference of Asia and hosted by the Ecumenical Youth Council in Korea, in partnership with the Presbyterian Church in […]


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