Renewal stems from hope and trust in faithfulness and power of God, says Dr Deidre Palmer

Posted on 23 November 2019


HSINCHU, Taiwan: ‘Renewal stems from hope and trust in the faithfulness and power of God’ was the essence of the message of the third thematic address delivered by Dr Deidre Palmer at the Asian Ecumenical Women’s Assembly (AEWA), organised by the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA).

Delivering an address on the sub-theme ‘Be Awake to Renew’, Dr Palmer, President of the Uniting Church in Australia said, “Many of our churches are inclusive in their theology and approaches to ministry but there are still sisters in Christ, those in other religious communities, and the wider society who experience discrimination.”

“We are called to stand in solidarity with them- advocating for equality and justice for all women, and contributing to the renewal not only of our churches, but our world and the whole creation,” emphasised Dr Palmer.

Dr Palmer elaborated upon the need for renewal of the participation of women as disciples, apostles, and leaders in the Church, which had been present in the Jesus movement and the early years of Christianity.

She stressed that renewal emerged in the partnership of women and men, and that being awake to renewal included listening deeply to one another. She spoke of the significance of an intergenerational community where the young and the old were a source of nurture and encouragement to each other.

“Renewal comes as we hear the voices of children and young people among us- their experience of God, of being members of our churches, and the gifts they bring to shaping and reshaping who we are as Christian communities and the world,” explained Dr Palmer.

She further called on the members of the ecumenical gathering to ‘participate in God’s mission of renewal and healing for all people and the whole creation’, as Christians could not be mere spectators in the renewal process.

The session was moderated by Tan Swee Bee from Malaysia.

Over 250 Asian women are attending the Asian Ecumenical Women’s Assembly (AEWA) which is currently taking place at the Presbyterian Bible College in Hsinchu, Taiwan from 21 to 26 November 2019.

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