Dong Sung Kim, former programme executive of WCC passes away

Posted on 25 March 2018


The Rev. Dr. Dong Sung Kim, South Korean theologian and former WCC staff member passed away today early morning at the Asan hospital in Seoul, South Korea. He was diagnosed with cancer about two years ago, and since then Kim has been undergoing treatment.

The funeral will take place on Tuesday 27 March in Seoul.

Dong Sung Kim served the World Council of Churches (WCC) in Geneva as a programme executive from 2010, until he returned to his home country Korea in 2017 due to his illness.

An ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church in Korea (PCK), Dr. Kim studied Theology (M.Div.) and Church History (Th.M.) at the Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary (PUTS) in Seoul. He earned a Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh.

Before being appointed in WCC, he worked as a secretary for Ecumenical Relations and Planning at the PCK General Assembly Office, an Assistant Pastor of the Saemunahn Presbyterian Church, and a lecturer at the PUTS.

While conveying condolences on behalf of the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) to the bereaved family and friends of Dong Sung Kim, the General Secretary of CCA Dr. Mathews George Chunakara said that “the demise of Dong Sung Kim is a great loss for the ecumenical movement; he would have contributed much more to the global and Asian ecumenical movement. However, once again it is proved that God’s plans were different”, and “the Lord determines our steps”.

Mathews George Chunakara visited Dong Sung Kim, his former colleague in WCC, two weeks ago at the Asan Hospital in Seoul, where Kim had been undergoing treatment and battling cancer.

Dong Sung Kim is survived by his wife Kahee Kim and two daughters – Yein Kim and Yewon Kim.

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