CCA urges Asian churches to promote a culture of health and healing

Posted on 7 April 2021

In a statement released on the occasion of the observance of World Health Day–2021, the CCA General Secretary, Dr Mathews George Chunakara said that churches in Asia should promote health-seeking behaviour and take on more responsibilities in their mission and witness towards health and healing.

Dr Mathews George Chunakara also highlighted the role of churches in building trust in the COVID-19 vaccine, shattering myths and misconceptions surrounding pandemic responses, and providing and amplifying correct information from medical authorities during the pandemic. “We must equip ourselves with relevant information and theological reflections of our social and moral obligations to each other in order to eliminate fear, hesitancy, and misinformation regarding vaccines,” said the CCA General Secretary.

Elaborating on the theme of World Health Day–2021, “Building a fairer, healthier world”, the CCA General Secretary spoke of the health concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic: “As COVID-19 vaccines begin to be rolled out gradually, there are alarming disparities in access to them across the world. Although the scientific development of the vaccine in record time is a great achievement, it remains to be seen if global political will and moral commitment would supplement the science in bringing about the end of the pandemic.”

Condemning the surge in the global trend of vaccine nationalism, Dr Mathews George Chunakara stated that the issue “served as a snapshot of global inequality and was representative of all the forces that prevent the realisation of equality, fairness, and justice”.

The full statement of the CCA General Secretary can be found below:

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