Asia Sunday–2021 will be focused on the theme, ‘I am the God who Heals You, and Restores Your Health’

Posted on 13 March 2021

Expressing the global hope for healing from the COVID-19 pandemic that has plagued the world, the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) will focus on the  Asia Sunday–2021 theme, ‘I am the God who Heals You and Restores Your Health’ (Exodus 15:26).

Asia Sunday is observed annually on the Sunday before Pentecost by member churches and councils of the CCA. This year, Asia Sunday falls on 16 May 2021.

Dr Mathews George Chunakara, the CCA General Secretary, explained the significance of this year’s theme saying, “The observance of this year’s Asia Sunday is designated as a special occasion to once again pray for all who are suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 more than a year ago, millions of people have been infected by the novel coronavirus, which has left a trail of death and devastation around the world.”

“God, who heals the physical wounds and earthly diseases that trouble the mortal bodies of His people, assures all those who are disturbed in their minds and emotions and whispers into their hearts: ‘My grace is sufficient, for My strength is made perfect in your weakness…in your sickness, in your hardship—in your loss, and your pain.’ His grace is always sufficient for us,” stated the CCA General Secretary.

Dr Mathews George Chunakara in a message to  CCA’s member churches and councils, “Let us continue to pray together, without losing hope, for God’s mercy and healing for the sick, and for health and strength for all who care for them. We urge all member churches and councils of CCA as well as our ecumenical partners and churches around the world to use this special liturgy in the coming days for their prayers, especially on 16 May 2021.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed the lives of almost 2.5 million people around the world and has infected over 110 million people to date. The virus, first detected in December 2019, has brought the world to a grinding halt with devastating medical, socio-economic, political, environmental, and psychological impacts on the lives of millions of people across continents.

CCA headquarters in Chiang Mai will facilitate a virtual Asia Sunday Service on 16 May 2021 which will be led by church and ecumenical leaders from across Asia.

It may be recalled that the virtual Asia Sunday–2020 was viewed by more than 22,000 people across the world through various social communication platforms. For this year too it is hoped that there will be wide-ranging participation.

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