ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE Declaration of People’s Forum held in Mumbai 16-21 January 2004

Posted on 28 January 2004

We, as faith communities and people’s movements from Asia and Africa, came together at Mumbai to share our common vision and witness for an alternative, just and peaceful world. We shared perspectives in building community of peace for all, from Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. We heard the voices of the victims of globalization — women, youth, dalits and tribals, farmers, labourers and children, and their aspiration of hope for another world.

The People’s Forum jointly organized by the Christian Conference of Asia – Urban Rural Mission and the National Council of Churches in India held at NESCO ground, Goregaon and International YMCA, Mumbai from 16 to 21 January 2004 during the World Social Forum 2004, deliberated on “the spirit of Bandung Conference 1955 in the Globalized Context — Building Community of Peace for All.” The Forum reaffirmed the significance of the Spirit of Asia-Africa solidarity for people, social organizations, governments and nations as well as other nations in the world who advocate freedom and independence. Asia-Africa solidarity is the base for alternatives in the face of cultural, economic and political hegemony and to struggle for a common future for justice with peace and life for all.

We condemn

– The abuse of religion for self serving political, economic and cultural interest.
– The commodification and trafficking of women and children
– Exploitation of migrant, displaced workers and refugees
– The exploitative system and structure of international and national financial institutions and multinational corporations that continue to drive many people into poverty.
– The unjust world trade system and agreement that continue to impoverish the people of Asia-Africa and the two-third world countries.
– The interference of the US and its allies in the political affairs of other sovereign. nations through the collaboration of puppet regimes in implementing the conditions of global economic powers and support the US led “war on terror.”
– The irrational nuclear arms race among nations.
– Globalization through military hegemony in the world at the cost of social justice and human development.
– The displacement of tribal people and exploitation of their land, forest resources and river, and alienating their rich cultural heritage.

We demand

– The revision of the terms of agreements and the charters of the world bodies such as the IMF, IBRD, and the WTO to provide transparancy, equal representation and authority to all the members.
– Fair and just international trade which protects economic, social and cultural rights.
– Nuclear free world and elimination of all weapons of mass destruction in the world.
– Immediate and unconditional withdrawal of foreign occupying military forces from Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.
– Justice to the dalit, tribal, refugees and ethnic minorities.
– End sex trafficking of women and children
– Stop the trafficking and export of labour, including the unjust and inhuman deportation of migrant workers.
– Stop mass media which promote consumerist culture which endanger social values and environment.
– Cancellation of all illegitimate and immoral debts.

We call for

– A community of peace for all through interfaith cooperation and networking
– Commitment to further developing and strengthening ties of solidarity between the people and countries of Asia and Africa and working together in the spirit of solidarity to give a new meaning and direction to liberation struggles of the peoples.
– The creation of an alternative world order based on the values of equality, justice, cooperation, sharing and mutual empowerment.
– Respect of all ethnic, cultural and religious activities.
– Peaceful resolution of all disputes among countries in Asia and Africa through respectful dialogue keeping in line with the Ten Principles of Bandung Conference 1955.
– Elimination of all forms of discrimination and manipulation on the basis of race, caste, class, ethnicity, gender, religion, culture, deficiency syndrome.
– Protection of environment and biodiversity by upholding appropriate and human face development.
– The faith institutions to heal themselves and actively participate in national and international affairs towards the development of marginalized people.

The People’s Forum calls upon the peoples and governments of Asia-Africa and all peace loving nations to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Asia-Africa Conference in April 2005 to promote peace with justice and life with dignity for all. We particularly appeal to those countries who participated in the first Bandung Conference in 1955 to reaffirm and recommit themselves to its TEN PRICIPLES for realization of peace alongside the involvement of people’s movement.

We solemnly affirm to commit ourselves to consciously promote the declaration of People’s Forum to make ANOTHER WORLD POSSIBLE at al levels.


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