14th General Assembly 2015


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ
Respected Church leaders, all delegates, Ecumenical Partners,

We give thanks to God for all the good, the opportunities and the challenges that took place in Asia in the last five years. All of these have demanded our best. Often times, we have not stood up to the full measure of what is supposed to be our ideal response for that we are sorry.

In the last five years, we were in a period of transition, following the mandate of the 2010 assembly in Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia. Primarily, there was the call to amend the constitution and rules of the CCA. The period saw changes as we dealt with past issues and concerns on the financial sustainability of the CCA. The reports of the General Secretary and the honorary treasurer will provide details on these.

Suffice to say that there has been a reductive of staff during this period. This also meant CCA was not able to make any major breakthrough in terms of its programs. Still we do recognize the ecumenical initiatives that took place in the sub-regional and national levels.

Now, we have a new constitution and rules. Its full test will be in the crucible of lived-out realities in Asia and how the leadership of CCA respond to the call to be a household of faith in the face of these realities and diverse perspective if not responses.

Confronted by a continent so diverse, we know that we are faced by certain realities that we neither escape from or avoid. These are realities that deny the attachment of divine promise of abundant life made possible in Jesus Christ.

In recent weeks, we have been witness to these: the disaster in many parts of Asia, most recently in Nepal; the agonizing human cost of human trafficking and forced migration; and the poverty and repression that stalk so many of our communities. Undeniable these alone demand concrete response. We refer to the need to address the “principalitize and powers” that are either of the roof or mainly responsible for these human misery.

There is much to hope for beyond our churches and structure like the CCA are people’s movements often showing us the way to concrete responses. The coming years will be a challenging period to keep our household together and at the same time respond to the crying needs of the people of Asia.

Before coming to the end of this report, let me, as the youngest member of CCA presidium say our gratitude to the faithful churches, Christian organization, ecumenical partners, and all people who works together, who share all the richness and pray for CCA for so long until today, so the works of CCA can always be with the people in Asia. Let us move by hope and I do like to quote Isaiah 40:30-31

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength . they will soar in wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be fraint. Let us continue our journey, full of commitment in our ministry and faithful as we witnessing God in Asia. May God bless us and keep us.

Respectfully submitted:
Mrs. Van Arunrasmey, Cambodia
DR. K.B. Rokaya, Nepal
Rev. Rex R.B. Reyes Jr., Philippines
Ms. Rev. Retno Ngapon, Indonesia

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